What is so special about Mumbai?

January 11, 2007 4:20am CST
every evening that I am out on the streets of Mumbai, I am disgusted at the sight of the wastage of electrical energy i form of lights put up for decorations on various roads, buildings etc. Go into any other city or town in India & you will see Power cuts for 6 hours in a day. quite often in the evenings from 5 or 6 in th eevening to 8 or 9 in th enight these towns have no electricity. They live in darkness. How are people to mnage?? Only they know. Students cannot study, cooking & eating is an ordeal. Actually just spending those hours in darkness is hell. Why then can we not stop these extra lighting in places that have abundant electricity?? Do people living in Mumbai belong to another country, Planet that they are so undisturbed about what their brethen suffer?
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@keedap (304)
• India
11 Jan 07
mumbai is a place of dreams .. people come there with there dreams some fulfiled and some not