January 11, 2007 5:03am CST
I have taken up a job in a New City very far from my home.I am getting Frequent episodes of home sickness and frequently feel to go home , meet with my parents and relatives. However i can not do so because finacially its not possible and i dont get holiday from my work. I changed my previous job and came to this new city as i was knowing my current boss very well and wanted to work under him. But after joining this office i feel that i am not getting much job satisfaction. My wife also left her job and came to this new city and joined me. Her routine is started now and she will be busy for next 4 months. Since she is Busy might slight tension is relieved. I dont know when I will go to my city back and what should i tell my boss when i want to go back. Most important thing is that i have invested lots of money to get settled in this city and i can not go back to my own city till that amoutn is fully recovered. I really need opinions from all of you as i am really feeling frustrated now !
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