Does you'r referral really workout for you?

@Bbilal (2000)
January 11, 2007 6:38am CST
Does you'r referral is really working out for you? or they are dumb and not earning money? Inshort they help you to gain you'r earning or they are referral just for name?
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@raj0019 (2627)
• Argentina
13 Jan 07
I have 14 referrals, 3 of them are over 100 and working pretty slowly (Not contributing much), 6 have not even started (Means they are on 0), others are in 20's and 40's (Didn't see them moved from long time). i really wish to some extra ordinary referrals who can earn at least 25 $ for me each month, LOL
@yourgoogly (1671)
• India
13 Jan 07
No, I have two raffral but no one active. their rating is 0. I am so sad.
@kesfylstra (1870)
• United States
11 Jan 07
I don't have any. I keep trying to get the word out different places, but no bites. And I don't have any friends with the free time to get into MyLot! LOL
@ezzrssi (11195)
• Italy
11 Jan 07
i have about 15 referalls but i never earn something from them
@Asimk12 (740)
• Pakistan
11 Jan 07
No, because I do not have much referrals to work for me, and the one I have are lamers. I'll definetly try to gain referrals as much as I can.
@april444 (1341)
• United States
11 Jan 07
Some are earning very little and some sign up and do nothing which frustrates the hell out of me but ohhh well i have tried. What about you?