New Zealand
January 11, 2007 6:42am CST
i was with a mate walking down the road and the cops came long and searched us and we were like why and the cop said you looked like you had something to hide. what is up with that? can they do that?
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• India
11 Jan 07
It is the duty of the cops. Observing persons and searching. Otherwise how can they manage with criminals. Any way it is good for you if there are any anti-social elements are there. They they go through them and you both have been survive with peace. Any way we all paying taxes for the payment of the salaries of the cops. It is necessary that all person live with peace and without any hinderances. If any do against this then its the cops duty to get rid of it. Be happy. As you be a good citizen.
@Gruzzle (294)
11 Jan 07
Where are you from. In the UK that's called "Stop and search" and the police have the right to do this. It is however a very controversial power and has been seen by may minority communities as inherantly racist as statistically they seem to be asked more than others.