Is Somalia another Iraq? according to bush it seems so !

January 11, 2007 7:14am CST
Somalians, a majority of muslims and the Ethiopians, a majority of christains are having differences and have been in war for some time now with each other ! US on the other hand suspect that the Somalians house top al-qaeda leaders and fear that a new taliban race might emerge !! Based on this the US government are allied with the ethiopians and are attacking the Somalians in the name of countering terrorism. Is Somalia another IRAQ ?? Will these people face the same consequences ?? Don u think the US is over policing ??
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@hasseyg (313)
11 Jan 07
The US government are just making it worse for themselves and are causing more hatred towards them which result in more terrorist attacks, without a doubt.
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
It is expected that the US will attack somalia for the reason that al qaeda terrorists is starting to build haven there. If it is true we do not know but what we know is that the US will do everything to stop al qaeda. No matter what it takes because it is now the american's pride is at stake here.