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January 11, 2007 8:21am CST
Well, guys dont you think that now a days, all the news channels make a hype of each and every single news or situation. Even if a matter is as simple as it may be and which could be resolved easily, they will just create a hype and show it as if it was the biggest and the rarest sin ever committed. What according to you guys should be really a breaking news or a Headline? I feel that a headline will be something like Saddam being Hanged till death and things like that. Headlines like a Dog saved a man from dying of suffocation is not accepted. I mean, c'mon guys there are many such things happening in this world every single minute and not everything can be a 'Headline' or a Top Story! You can think of how easily can people get media exposure if this continues.....
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@hasseyg (313)
11 Jan 07
Yeah its true because they dont want to run out of headlines so they make stories that are total and utter rubbish.