Have you lied to get surveys?

@Nerz32 (30)
October 2, 2006 11:10pm CST
Like i mentioned in another post I think a lot of survey sites are aimed at married, fairly well off couples with plenty of disposable income. Im not married, single, male, young, and dont have a lot of disposable income and Im thinking that puts me at a huge disadvantage. Have you lied to get into a survey? Its not like they check your bank statement or marriage certificate. Ya its unethical, I realise that. What do you people think, and can anyone suggest survey sites that would be suitable for somebody like me. Also consider im in Australia so again, a LOT arent suitable.
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• Hong Kong
5 Nov 06
sometimes if I have to,but I give out the real info most of the time,because I think there's no need to lie.
@dellion (6706)
• Malaysia
15 Oct 06
I found that most of the those surveys we facing were just very commons questions and need not to lie at all but of course even by then we might need to lie to complete it!
@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
14 Oct 06
No, I would never lie to get a survey, however this might make you feel better: I have the exact opposite profile to you (i.e. I'm married with kids, am in my late 30s and am at a stage in life where I have a house and disposable income), yet I have not received a single survey from any of the sites I've signed up with. I had started to wonder if all the surveys were going to young, single people. It may be due to the fact that there is such a huge pool of people wanting to take them right now. Anyway, don't feel like you're missing out because of your demographic.
• United States
13 Oct 06
No i can not say I have. I have tried a lot of survey sites and it seems like i don't get paid that much for them for the effort and time I put into them. They always seem to want you to sign up for something else also
• India
13 Oct 06
• United States
13 Oct 06
I often lie about my employment status.
@neon2000 (2762)
• Philippines
13 Oct 06
No. I have not lied when it comes to surveys.
@ossie16d (11834)
• Australia
13 Oct 06
I have never thought that is how they decided who was and who was not suitable for surveys, so I never lie when doing them. There are several sites that have surveys and are suitable for Australian residents. Will put brain into gear and let you know but they include Zoom, WDYT, emailcash, SurveyPro. Sorry I do not have the exact site details on hand but will get back to you about that.