Hurting Means Love

January 11, 2007 9:23am CST
In a Relationship when you get hurt thats the time you will realize you love that person.. In a Married person, if they hurt there wife it means they just love there wife.. In Family if they punish they child or kids, if they hurt them they say "we just hurt you because we love you".. they can discipline child without hurting right...
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@milagre (1272)
• Portugal
11 Jan 07
never heard that quote "hurt because love", im discipline my children without hurting them, its a bit hard, but it can be done.
• Philippines
12 Jan 07
you have a point.. thanks for your comments
@karannyk (187)
• India
12 Jan 07
its not hurtin anyone means u love them........ but ya i feel wen we see our loved ones doin anything wrong,and find tht our explanations didnt bring him/her to right path......we would try to bring him back even at the cost of hurtin them............ and here wat makes us hurt our own loved ones is our LOVE for them............. so........ yea at certain situation hurtin or lovin means same..........
• India
12 Jan 07
to hurt a person means we are loving them more than anyone.. bcoz.. we feel that they are our own and we are hurting them..
@fliffy555 (1045)
11 Jan 07
hurting a child over here is actually illegal... you are not allowed to smack a child or anything like that... if you hurt your wife or husband i dont think it means you love them... how can you hurt someone you say you love and then carry on saying you love them... there is something not right there... if you hurt them not on perpose but accidently then i agree there is something there but if you purposely hurt someone i think you have issues....
• Singapore
11 Jan 07
i think it's rather harsh to relate love to hurt...i wouldnt say that it's hurting...but we just that we care too much. if a stranger walk up to me and say something nasty, i will be hurt too...but i dont love him/her. if my boss scolded me for no reason, i will be hurt too...but i dont love him/her. when we felt hurt because of how we are being treated by the one we loved, it's because we care too much
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
11 Jan 07
love - sometimes when we are inlove, we get to be hurt in the process, too
it's a case to case basis. like if a kid did something wrong, it's okey if the parents will spank the kid but atleast, tell the kid and explain why you need to spank him. make him realize his mistakes. when entering a relationship, i always believe that loving someone is also accepting the fact that you'll get hurt sometime in the relationship. that's the part of the deal of loving someone. i know it's unfair but hurt is always a part of love.