What is the worst problem in the world right now?

United States
January 11, 2007 10:16am CST
In your opinion. And please be specific and thorough; ex) don't just answer "terrorism".
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• United States
11 Jan 07
Poverty. Poverty is the worst problem in the world because when there is poverty there is a huge build up of anger in the governments of these people and in the people themselves. If poverty was non-existant or less than 1% existant (if that makes sensse) the world would be much happier. There would be an overall morale change, and people could then focus on impacts of the people on the environment. Now, if the whole world was out of poverty the environment would be the next thing we would have to worry about because then every person that WAS poverty strucken would now have a care etc. But poverty is still the worst problem in the world right now.
@korek222 (702)
• Poland
11 Jan 07
i must say that all you are right - terrorism , intolerance, injustice are very big problems these days. I would add nature degradation , rascism. But i would like to focus on some other part of our life. I think that biggest problem of out times is Stress. It is causing pople to feel bad, have health problems , work less efficient and even to stop working. Worst thing is that stressed person spreads stress all over her environment !