Global Warming Scares Me

@Nerz32 (30)
October 3, 2006 12:31am CST
I went and saw Inconvenient Truth yesterday with a friend of mine, and found it pretty interesting. Sure it was a bit dry with all those graphs and kind of corny with Gore going back into his childhood, but overall a pretty good documentary. I already knew a little bit about the science of global warming, but had no idea about the actual scale and true degree of the problem. Some of graphs were pretty scary. Like a population increase of 4 billion since 1946 and what impact that is bound to have on the planet, especially considering populations for a good period before that were relatively flat. Also China's surging demand...and how we cope with that. But probably the most confronting graph was when he showed CO2 levels predicted 50 years from now and its completely off the chart...and I mean COMPLETELY OFF THE CHART. Now I know a good number of Americans dont think much of him personally but what about the science. Ive heard no reports here in Australia to suggest its a pack of lies, at least none that werent created by big oil, or vested interests. Sure to solve it is going to cost a tonne of money, but it seems like an imperative now, a number one priority. One thing I will admit was I found it kind of ironic he admitted his father only gave up tabacco farming when a close friend died...(or family, forgot relation)...Does that confirm we need to suffer a personal tragedy to take action on an issue? Interested to hear your thoughts, rants and raves.
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@maddog108 (3441)
• Australia
4 Oct 06
if they are right we should be seeing some major signs soon i know we do see some yes but im mean major ones its gonna take a major kick in our arses to get us to change
9 Oct 06
Unfortunately for the ones affected.
@doctorul (1063)
• Romania
4 Oct 06
Don't worry! Our generation should be OK! Latins said "carpe die", that means "live the moment"! So, enjoy every warm bit from your life! Tomorrow may be worst!
• Australia
12 Oct 06
It is our generation that needs to do something to allow future generations to exist at all. To ignore the situation and let the future worry about it is a selfish way to view the world. Perhaps you don't have children. Perhaps you don't care about anyone else's children. Perhaps you don't care about millions of species of animal. Perhaps you would walk past the refugees from the Katrina hurricane in New Orleans and say 'not me so why worry about them'. We can all do our bit right now. Walk or ride instead of drive in some cases. Use low power light globes. Turn off unused devices and lights. By products with little or no packaging etc. To take further action, using the web we can start writing to people to make our voices heard. No offence but I feel it is criminal to not care about future generations.
@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
I saw the movie, too and I thought it was pretty scary, too but the message it is trying to convey is not to scare us out of our wits but to inform us that this is really happening and for us to do something about it. That we have a duty to protect the only Earth that we live in. This is the only one we have. It is no use sitting around thinking that the world is about to end when there is a lot to be done. It is not yet too late. Keep in mind that our future generation will still be living in the same planet that we are in now. We have to keep it intact, if not for us, for them. Our future.
• India
26 Dec 06
There is no doubt that the human and financial costs of weather related disasters have been increasing in recent years. It is time to increase our efforts in applying prevention strategies to reduce the impacts of the changes in weather climates.
@ahsanxr (341)
• Pakistan
25 Dec 06
global warming has really scared me and we should start acting to prevent it so that our future generations can at least survive.
@smuggeridge (2157)
13 Oct 06
Global warming is happening. End of discussion, but it is not the end of the world. The earth has always gone through extreme variations in climate and always come out the other side, what is happening at the moment or even what is predicted is not as high as previously recorded levels of climate change. If we start acting now we will find that the earth can bounce back remarcablly quickly. The question is do we want to change? the technology is there if we want to use it, things such as solar power, wind power etc. On another note, did you know that global warming will in all possibility lead to a new ice age due to the shut down of the thermohaline circulation (but thats a whole different rant) Lets just go out there, stop using our laptops and save the world. Goodbye all (and for any americans out there could you do me a favour and slap your president for me, and tell him to start accepting global warming)
9 Oct 06
Regardless of the implications of Global Warming, I think we have to more responsible for the planet rather than take it for granted.
@jtexas (527)
• United States
4 Oct 06
Well regardless as more and more peoples lives are extended more CO2 are release because you have to breath. I have started to car pool with my girl friend since it saves on gas and good for the environment.
@bimal10p (1220)
• India
4 Oct 06
its gonna be a big problem which the world is gonna face... somethin should be done to reduce the level of green house gases in atmosphere...afforestation..reduced use of cfcs...and usage of renewable resources are some solutions
@skittlez353 (1404)
• United States
3 Oct 06
Global Warming is becoming a big problem. theres actually a website that ppl can go to any find ways to help. its I just seen a commercial on it!