January 11, 2007 2:32pm CST
what are your views on cheating? do u thinks its ok or just not right for the person on the recieving end. Have you ever cheated on someone ? Did u feel bad and stop or did u get caught in the end ?
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• India
11 Jan 07
yes i cheat a lot while playing games ... but i dont get caught that often
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27 Jan 07
@nicolai (288)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
Its better to be cheated than to cheat, beacuse you are going against your own conscience and it does not feel good...
28 Jan 07
thats a good point u hav ther :]
@swatig (1187)
• India
4 Jul 07
Cheating is not good from any view. What i feel is what you sow that is what you reap. if you do cheating with any person know or unknown to you then be ready to be cheated by another person. if you see then its only conception but in real practical time, this conception comes in every way. If you are cheated by someone known to you, then best thing is, as ball is in your court so decide whether you do the same thing or want to do something which set an example for others by your forgive attitude. im not saying here to forget because then if you forget then you might be cheated again by someone else. so remember and get extra cautious while meeting others.
@bornraf (229)
• United States
30 May 07
With you I probably would. You are cute.........
• China
15 May 07
I think cheating is part of human nature. Sometimes cheating make you feels good, but it's really hurt others. Even if you cheat on good intention, you should explain it in other way or other time. just don't mix it with loyalty and betray, those things are serious things