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United States
January 11, 2007 2:52pm CST
I am looking for help( arnt we all) on how to set up a good budget and stick to it. I know it all revolves around me but my husband and i seem to never have any money to do anything but pay bills and get the bare esentials. i know stop eating out and things like that are their any sites to help me get started
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• India
11 Jan 07
I dont think any website will help you out in that what you can do it try to search more sites like mylot and try earning some part time money
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@coolcatzz (1588)
• Canada
13 Jan 07
I know what you mean and I have started on a budget again. I am a single mother so it is hard working on one income. I try to make sure my kids have everything but it is so difficult. They always want things their friends have and you just try your best to keep up. I live in Canada and I watch a program on our LIFE channel called 'til debt do us part' and I love it. I can't remember the hosts name but she does an excellent job with these couples. She comes into your house and goes over your bank statement and shows you just where your money goes because a lot of people don't know that. Then she makes you do some tasks that she sets out and she makes a plan for you. If after the few weeks she is working with you, you succeed she gives you 5000.00 dollars. She works everything out and she gets you living on cash. No credit cards at all. She puts your amount for groceries in a jar and does jars for other stuff like transportation, entertainment stuff like that. She tells you and your spouse to write down everything you spend. You have x number of dollars in the jar for groceries. That has to last you the week or month depending on how she sets it out. People are so surprised to see that they could do it and it wasn't so tough. Then she would allocate a certain amount for debt repayment and for savings. She always says you have to pay yourself. So this is what I have started to do. I hope this helps you out.
• United States
13 Jan 07
thank you very much for youe responce.. I am in the united states but i will look into the show.. maybe she can help us. i understand about the teens wanting what their firends want and i try so hard to get him everything he needs but as he gets older it gets harder to give him the things he wants insted of needs and to pay bills , just over welming
• India
8 Apr 08
Hi, Buidget depends on UR income level.Budget U have prepared must be supported by UR income. If UR budgetet expense is more than the income definitely UR liability increases day by day. Budget must be set according to UR priority like bare essentials then comfort then luxury. Please cut off UR unnecessry expenses. If it is possible to defer the expenses then it is better to defer.