Space, The Final Frontier

January 11, 2007 3:57pm CST
When can we start to really explore space.Not just visitig moon or Mars but reaching other solar systems or even another galaxy.It surely would not happen in this millenium.The problem is that we are looking at space as man looked at earth 100,000 years ago.For him the earth was flat and even a few hundred miles, an impossible distace to travel.We are looking at Space in the same way.Flat and impossible to traverse.This will change once we start to understand the most powerful force that exists in the univrse.GRAVITY.
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• India
20 Feb 07
hai everybody..well coming to exploration of another solar systems..and galaxies is impossible for the current technology i guess because exploring our galaxy itself requires a lot of time ,more investment ,more fuel,and many more complexities so in the present situation it needs a lot of time and thinking to minimize the above effects we can see going to other galaxy really is difficult as it may be very far ..and requires a pioneering technology to reduce the above said effects and main support from the government too i guess it will be a difficult for the present time..comment on this...
• India
14 Jan 07
try asking on yahoo answers ther eu get 100 % correct coz it s not for money there.
@RAMPersona (2036)
• Philippines
11 Jan 07
in a distant future, maybe one century from now or till humans can travel at speed of light, do hyperdrive, create wormhole to jump from one space to another,.. unless conspiracy theories like ufo, aliens, et beings from distant stars/galaxies are true.
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
11 Jan 07
not in our life time of that im sure. yET WOULDNT IT BE A WONDERFUL THING IF WE COULD? when we look at space it is true we are looking at the universe as it was, maybe it is not even there, time passes stars explode or die, we see it as it was when the light left the object, with some of the stars being millions of light years away, who knows?