DDR1/400 compatibility with DDR1/333

United Arab Emirates
October 3, 2006 3:17am CST
Hi, i am using a Sun Fire V40z server which currently has 4Gb DDR1/333 memory. I am planning to upgrade it to 8Gb. But the available memory is DDR1/400. Will there be a problem in using it with DDR1/333??
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@jvachez (19)
• France
19 Oct 06
it's not a problem the speed will be the same as the worst memory so it will be 333
@kstanley7 (1172)
19 Oct 06
There wont be a problem because to my knowledge, if you have two memory sticks running on your computer, what your computer will do, is downgrade the higher performance memory to the same specification as the DDR1/333. but if you want best performance, then get the same brand and spec memory.