Ban of ragging in educational institutions

@sadanand (191)
January 11, 2007 5:27pm CST
The menace of ragging in educational institutes is taking a toll on many students. It is emerging as the major concern across the educational institutes. Ragging according to me can be categorised into two: Positive ragging and the negative ragging. Positive ragging is an act where the person who gets ragged and the person who does ragging would end with a healthy understanding and it does not lead to any harm either physically or mentally. Negative ragging is an act where the person gets ragged experiences hell, and undergoes physical and mental trauma.The negative impacts of ragging are more than the positive ones.Students who gets subjected to this trauma usually end up committing suicides.It does not fetch anything to the student community. Hence it should be criticised by one and all for the betterment of the society and at the same time to eradicate the menace among the educational institutions. How far do you agree that ragging should be banned in educational institutions?????
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• United States
13 Jan 07
I think it will be difficult to ban ragging, but I do think that faculty and advisors should punish those who do rag. I understand that this does occur in some institutions, but for the most part both parties are just yelled at and told to stop. I think a more structured diciplinary sytem should be put into place.