The tax fot the television RAI

January 11, 2007 5:36pm CST
Like every year I must pay the tax for the RAI. For not-Italians, RAI is the Italian television of the state, and every year we must pay about 100 euros or we can't watch the television. Is not a pay-per-view, it is the television of the state. Why to pay? I think it's bad. The television is free. And payng the tax we see the spots during the films, and is not right: if we pay we can't see the spots. Whatdo you think?
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• Italy
25 Mar 10
If RAI were really a public tv it would be fine, but since it is controlled by the government it sucks to pay Euro for sucjh a bad service. Mediaset has better programs but is even worse thamn RAI in objectivity and freedom of speech, since it is fully controlled by Berlusconi's family.