In this age of high technology,how much do you still know of the current events?

@mfibong (138)
January 11, 2007 8:44pm CST
These days' high technology provides us with so many things to spend our time with. There are these advanced devices and gadgets such as the handheld media players, handheld games, PDAs, and many others that catch much of our interest. There is also the Internet where our infinite need for it makes us spend hours of our daily time in front of the computer. With all these very interesting mediums for learnng and leisure, do you still have the time to know your current events? Do you know what is the latest news being talked about around the globe today? I am asking these questions because I realized lately that I am already unaware of the current events (after a friend actually teased me that I don't care to read newspapers or know the latest news). After some thinking, I realized that the reason to it is because I am always busy surfing the Internet whenever I have free time at home. How about you? How does today's technology affect your knowledge of the current events?
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