Love letter written by a mechanical engineer

January 12, 2007 2:16am CST
My perpetual darling, From the day u entered in the control volume of my mind my heart has become a closed system and its entropy is increasing according to III'rd law of loveodynamics. ...... The events and activities are so complex that i cannot find the optimum path after n nos. of iterations.. .... My heart is unable to sustain the cyclic load of ur frequent smiles and is near to endurance limit failure..... I am quenched in ur thoughts and no heat treatment can save my heart from decrystalisation now........ please do not test the bearing capacity of my heart valves and lower your yield strength.... ..... please do not increase the compression ratio of my heart so much bcoz it is not designed to bear so much thermal stress..... please lower the octane no of ur temper as my little heart is not accustomed to so much undesired Knocking.... ... I am sure that u also would be experiencing some residual stress, and will someday show a proportionate straining of ur heart according to hooks law .........and as a Mechi i firmly believe in this i will wait ....... till my little heart crosses its ultimate tensile stress and fractures. By - Your Love Strain-Hardened lover
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@silveysim (337)
• United States
4 Feb 07
I bet this will make a mechanical girls heart scream of joy...and to her your words would whoo and linger in heart for the"Your Love Strain-Hardened lover" good luck...I hope this is received by this lucky person. BE happy, and prosper in love, and ever endeavor you are handed. Good luck-sensitivity is a great and rare quality these days. I hope you'll be happy with your choices.
@mypigbox (2245)
• China
3 Feb 07
Love letter is writed by heart.I mean it will show your sensibility in the word.I do not think it can give affectivity by a mechanical engineer.