What would u do...........?

January 12, 2007 5:11am CST
What would you do if get a bag full of note / currency found somewhere in public place????would you go to police, or search for its owner or keep with urself or something new ideas...
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• Romania
12 Jan 07
Hm... man i wish that think will happen. I live for that moment. what would i do? i will first look around to see if there's noone there cause it could be the property of the mafia and you really don't want to wake up in the mornig with some gorillas at your door step beating the hell out of you or maybe even kill you over that bag (it's not worth it), and if there is noone around i would take them and go on vacation. Or maybe are stolen from a bank and the series from the bills are reported and you could be caught. Better to take them to the police (they must give you a reward)
• India
12 Jan 07
good thinking....