Need help from experts on starting a new website of my own

January 12, 2007 5:20am CST
I intend to start a website of my own. For that i have arranged webspace and am proficient in coding but i have absolutely no idea on how to go about designing a succesful website. So people who know what to do i request suggestions regarding proper layout for the site, the kind of content siutable and how to promote the site. PS write details or provide external links where i could get sufficient details
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• Pakistan
12 Jan 07
this is really good if you are proficient in coding. you will have to take help of some web development tools like frontpage (the easiest one), dream veiwer, or others. at first don't mess up with lot of thigs. first just make a simple page and upload it. then day by day try to make changes it will not only improve your learning but also your web site. then go for some professional way for the web development use asp, xml and some other things. DESIGNING: try to surf as much as you can coz this will broaden your exposure of the website designs. save the pages you like. then just take the ideas and design your own. i would suggest you to start using MS Frontpage.
• India
13 Jan 07
Thanks for ur time. So what u are saying is that i should load a web page stating what i intend to put up on the site and then slowly add on the stuff i promised. Yes that sounds simple enough. Also can u point me to a site which has a guide to web design. And what about the traffic on the site, should i start promoting the site from the start or should i get it up and running first and then think about that.
• India
15 Jan 07
Go ahead and load the webpage with the intended contents on the server, open the site in ur browser and look at what you see. When satisfied ask ur friends to visit the site(that would be me) and after that try to get traffic to ur site. Contact me personnaly and we can design the site together.