Handicapped people who performe, panhandle, etc. for money?

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January 12, 2007 7:05am CST
Here are some real scenarios.. a.) Venice beach, California. There is a woman with no arms and no legs, who will "dance" for you, in hopes you'll put some money into a hat sitting next to her. b.) Hearing impaired people at the local mall (in the food court), hand out cards with a pencil or some small toy. If you want the toy, and are willing to donate to help them, you leave them a dollar or other amount on the table. c.) Disabled (and sometimes homeless) vets, standing right next to the side of the road, with signs asking for work, food, or money. Are these people exploiting their situation? Or doing the only thing they can to survive? Should we not question, not judge, and just give?
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20 Jan 13
I think I agree with the others here that sometimes you must do what you can in order to survive. I think some of them figure that people may gawk at them in society, so perhaps they could at least get something out of it.
@Thoroughrob (11750)
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16 Jan 07
NO, I do not believe they are exploiting their situation. The government needs to quit taking away from the people who can not fend for themselves. They give them money and then take it away to pay for their medical. The case I know of is they get $600 a month, they have disability medicaid, because of their income, which is, $600 a month, the allowance is $250. They have to have pay $350 a month before Medicaid has to pay their bills. Because they get Social Security, they do not qualify for Food Stamps.???? Excuse me, since when can you live on that? Someone needs to wake up in Washington. We need to take care of these people. We should not judge them, just try to understand and treat them with kindness. They didn't ask to be the way they are or to be dealt the life they are living.