How long they would continue to pay?

January 12, 2007 7:28am CST
I was wondering that how long these paying sites like mylot and few others would actually continue to pay. Because they r actually trying to gather more and more users. But what when they reach a desired number of users. Would they stop paying or reduce payments. What do u think of it?
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• Serbia And Montenegro
12 Jan 07
I think the logic is that, the bigger the community (that is, the more people joined), the more "page display" mylot gets. Hence, the higher CTR. So this could also mean the more profits mylot also gets. So, the logic is that (maybe) they will keep on being able to pay. But of course, if other factors are included, this not always holds true though.
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
12 Jan 07
I hope that will not be the case. It would still be a nice place to gather and discuss about serveral subjects.
@istanto (8565)
• Indonesia
12 Jan 07
mylot will never and not thinking to stop pay you I don't know about other website. can read the proof on my blogs.
• Thailand
12 Jan 07
I think they'll continue operating as long as will keep participating ang contributing in this community. Since mylot is a user generated content site, its success relies on our participation. The more users will participate in sharing quality topics the longer mylot will stay. Every participation in this community is a great help.
@raveemenon (1071)
• India
12 Jan 07
Why to worry about at this stage. I think there are certain restrictions once you reach a particular amount. As regards payment let us get our first payment. the net is vast and there is enough fish in the sea.