Do you think man is inteligent or a fool

January 12, 2007 7:51am CST
Man has invented so many things the car a boat, medecine, space ships and weapons of mass destruction do you think they were wise moves or are some of the human races ideas foolish at times I think we are killing the world and the people we love by trying to be bigger and better for all we know rockets may have punched a hole in the the ozone layer and at the push of button we can wipe out a whole country we a neuclear war head whta re your views and are we geniuses or fools?
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@yrteja (651)
• India
12 Jan 07
relly man is an intellegent who had invented all the artificial is the only being with the capability to do so.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
16 Jan 07
Man, is both intelligent and foolish. Instead of trying to adapt to our environment we try to force out enviroment to adapt to us. Some tools and technology are wonderful, others bad. We learn to learn how to use our intelligence to do things in a good balance, So we are not destroying eachother and the world. Accept things we choose not to accept, like we do not own the universe or the world, we are part of it, we are a part of everything and everyone, It is when we went from less improve the web, to being better than the web is when we tugged on the web to hard, and broke it, and now the ecosystem, and even our own is falling apart and destruction.... Man is smart and intelligent, but they are not observing how to adapt to living within our environment... and this is what is hurting us, as we become over populated and more disoriented and disconnect and allow our intelligent toys to control and rule us. - DNatureofDTrain