how many countries do u gone!

January 12, 2007 8:40am CST
i'm not yet,but planned to visit u.s.a shortly! what u guys!
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15 Apr 07
i am originally from india.....n i hav been to oly few different countries!! though i hav been to loadz of indian states lolz... i hav been to the Carribeanz (wich was an absolute exotic location) ...Phillipines (i went here wid ma classmate...whoz a philipino....n we went for a whole week widout tell ma parents told them that i was goin for a classtrip....oly we 2 n 3 more of our frends went to a totally different country lol ...had the tym of ma life) .... United States (MA cousinz are went wid ma parents for a vacation ...nice place...not much different from delhi...oly cleaner) and ofcourse UNITED KINGDOM wer i am livin at the moment...(well we migrated here ....) well thats all!!:) i wud like to go to Jamaica atm though!! i hav heard its a gr8 place for sunbathin lol
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12 Jan 07
new zealand , scotland n netherlands
@gagana (758)
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12 Jan 07
same thing is my siuation also