Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 12, 2007 8:52am CST
Friends it has been a long long time since i am at the receiving end of this problem. Nothing is more tragic than being alone in love. You know love came twice in my life and both times i lost it. For the first time, i loved a girl 'S' (i won't take her name) madly, truly and deeply. What a memorable time that was when sky looked as a rainbow all the time. But, for someone not known reasons 'S' left me after being with me for around 18 months. I know how much did this hurt me. Anyhow, then came another girl 'P' who loved me in the same manner in which i used to love 'S'. She kept on calling and proposing me for around 30 months and i kept on denying her (as i still had a soft corner for R). Then, she again met me in last april and met me (she is from Mumbai). As, i was totally alone, i thought let us start with being friends and then we will see how it all goes. Then our friendship led to some wonder chats and moments (mind you no physical contact). Believe me, she went against all the odds and did everything which an Indian girl can do to get her love. But i used to take her for granted and i didn't believe girls so i didn't took her seriously. Further, whenever she used to call me i simply used to ignore her. Then, her parents made an entry and spoke to me and straight forward spoke to my parents. When my parents asked me- I merely said as you wish (at that point of time i could have changed my fate). After that day, she never called me and went as per her parents wish. After that day, i started feeling some emptiness or loneliness in my life. Whenever i received a phone call i used to wish -Please god this should be her call. But, she didn't call me for sometime. After this, i got the news that she has been engaged to someone from Delhi itself. I found myself sinking and felt her love building pressure around me. I admit that it has been my fault and i am the one who is to be blamed for all this. Now, can anyone help/suggest me what shall i do to get rid of this situation.............
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