Do you drink water everyday?

January 12, 2007 9:45am CST
Gow often do you drink water.My good friend hardly drinks water and i wonder how he survives without fluid,he prefers milk or yoghurt,even after eating,its so amazing because i can't do without taking water every 2 hours..
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• India
12 Jan 07
well thats starnge i cant live without water n plz advise him to drink more as it leads to dehydration n lots of severe deseases.. so it is essential to drik water whenever possible...
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• Pakistan
12 Jan 07
water is best for body water is good for health i used water every 1 hour because i m healthy
@justreal (2367)
• Canada
12 Jan 07
Water every day is essential is essential don't you think. We cannot live without it. You must drink at least two litres of water everyday. Drinking ice cold water is even better to burn the calories, if you didn't know.
@cowgirl2701 (2081)
• United States
12 Jan 07
I very seldom drink water. I drink soda or coffee. I have to make myself drink water. I can't stand it. This is not healthy to not drink water. It can cause medical problems. Drinking to much water can also.
@Marie2473 (8519)
• Sweden
12 Jan 07
I LOVE water and i drink ALOT every day, i would not survive without it. Some people (like friends) hardly drink any and wonder how i can actually like it =) there is nothing like watre and i prefer it before any other drink!