The three key of Google Rankings

January 12, 2007 10:28am CST
1. Link Popularity Google used to judege the value of the principal means of a website. We all know that Google PageRank green Gongjutiaoshang a measuring stick, is used to indicate the extensive links to the websites. PageRank value from 0 to 10. The website includes links to internal link here, and even link up through into the net,the most important of which is linked with hyperlinks. Googe to the quality and quantity of these links to the web site to determine P ageRank value the higher value will be higher ranked, So the completion of the website you need to put in a lot of time and effort to obtain a large amount of external links particularly from the relatively high value of PageRank sites. 2.Page title Kerword search engine is to choose the website, the title of the site is the main destination search engine keyword search you by analyzing google's search results can be clearly revealed. therfore, you must first determine your website's keywords. keywords reflected in the website will then go to the title. 3.Keyword Density Keywords in addition to heading inside, but also the entire website inside a certain frequency. you need the title of the contents of paragraphs, the first page and page 30, Altera labels do not even show the "deywords comment labels inside arrangements.keywords such is not necessarily, but with a group of highly relevant terms.for google, analysis showed that 7% to 10% of the home page which need a keyword density. in addition, according to addweb study, the frequency of keywords in the home page insede suitable for eight to ten times.
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