Do you agree that parents should smack there Children???

@grudge (299)
January 12, 2007 11:46am CST
To some extend smacking the children can be useful to prevent them going in the wrong direction. but at the end of the parents have to decide how to handle them.
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@jennifer611 (2502)
• United States
12 Jan 07
Should you smack them? no. should you discipline them? Yes. I dont think a child should be smacked around but also its bad to not punish them because just like the bible says, spare the rod spoil the child. and its true. I do not agree with abuse. I do not think you should punish your child while your angry. I believe you should let them know what they did wrong and that its not acceptable and wont be tolerated and then they should be punished but not if your angry. we are supposed to teach them love, not abuse. smacking them doesnt teach them anything but to be scared of you and your the one who is going to be sorry later when they want nothing to do with you because your abusive. there is a differance between discipline and smacking and punishing and abuse..
• Nigeria
12 Jan 07
Personally I feel there are better ways to discipline a child that don't terrify the kid. I was never hit and I was very well disciplined. Children DO learn through cause and effect, like having consequences, but they don't have to be physically painful to get their point across. They also don't have to be abusive (physically and verbally). I could never hit my child. We all hurt our loved ones by accident (not physically, I mean) but it's usually unintentional. I could never intentionally hurt my child. It seems like a last resort from a panicking parent who doesn't have the communication skills to discipline their child lovingly and firmly.The best treatment for a child for me is dialogue.