tell me what is your opinion on this? I think it's really sad.

@lynn3024 (198)
January 12, 2007 2:12pm CST
mommy keep me safe, mommy keep me warm and with all your love mommy help me form. I'm six weeks old today, and a birthday gift to me is a pair a bright blue eyes so that one day i can see. i've already got my arms, i've got my pudgy nose, and on the end of my feet are funny things called toes. I'm looking forward to life stories of celtic tales, teddy bears and laughter, fun and squashing snails. where are you going today on a bus far away? why are you lying down and being pushed around? On four wheels how funny it feels. Banging through the doors, all the people in green. If they hurt you mommy, mommy scream. Please don't go to sleep, please don't leave me alone.Mommy i want to go home. mommy what is happening. I'm starting to cry. run quick mommy i don't want to die. There killing me mommy, they're pulling me apart. My arms, my legs, they're tearing out my heart. Good bye Mommy. mommy good bye Thank you for trying but i'll never see the sky. I won't see the birdsor the grass, or the trees. I won't sing sweet songs or feel a cool breeze. I won't hear the stories of our peoples past. My future is gone it ended so fast I love you dear mommy, I really do. i wish dear mommy that you would have loved me too.
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@PoeTalker (715)
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12 Jan 07
Hmm, did you write this? When I was in highschool someone read something that pretty much resembled this. Thats weird. It's not the same one though. I guess what that person wrote was just another copy.