Favorite episode?

@ugachaka (297)
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January 12, 2007 2:13pm CST
I've missed quite a few episodes, but I remember one in particular that almost made me cry: The one episode where they flashed back to new years eve Y2K. The woke up one new years day and were too drunk to realize that everyone in town was at the annual parade and thought that they were the last people on earth. They ended up breaking into the local department store and each claiming a section and forming their own government. People were trying to trade things from their section for items from someone else's section to get what they needed. In the end, they woke up surrounded by customers when the store reopened the next day.
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28 Jul 10
I diddn't see that episode but it sounds like it was really funny.
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18 Jan 07
That was a cute episode. My favorite episode was the most recent one. They gave everyone a chance with the theme. It was kind of cute. And then there was the one where we find out Crabman's real name. The one thing I do miss is that at the end of each show they would show Earl & Randy going to bed and Randy would come up with some really silly question. They aren't really doing that anymore.