How Rich is Rich?

United States
January 12, 2007 3:48pm CST
When asked to define "rich" a lot of people say it means never having to worry about money again and working only because you want to not because you have to. How would you define rich?
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• United States
16 Jan 07
Being rich to me means that Ive always got a roof over my head and 3 meals a day to eat. When I have kids, they will always have the same. Too many people are competing against their neighbours to have more. These attitudes make people poor, regardless of how much money they have. "Its not having what you want, its wanting what you've got"-SC
@cognigen (121)
• Mexico
12 Jan 07
I was on a business trip to Washington DC in my hotel room watching the news one day on TV; and it happened to be the day the first Concorde flight from Paris to Washington DC landed, and the newscaster was interviewing the people as they got off the plane. The newscaster got to one particluarly crabby old lady and he asked her a few questions: Q: Did you enjoy the flight? A: Yes, it was quick, a little cramped but it was OK. Q: How did it differ from other flights you have been on? A: It was pretty much the same as regular first class, but faster. Q: And what did you think of the fare? A: The fare? (She looked at the reporter as if she thought he was a WORM). Do you mean, the price of a TICKET? I didn't notice. (The tone in her voice implied: "How DARE you ask me such an insulting question.) Q: And what is your name? A: Mrs J. C. Penny. One of my favorite definitions of rich is: to be able to do as you wish, and travel whereever and whenever you want, and to never have to be concerned with the price of a ticket. J. Paul Getty defined it a different way: "We don't work for money. We work for FUN. MONEY is just the way we keep score."