Is it really true, people can make money online.

Money makes the world go round.... - Money, something we all need to survive in life.
@mzbubblie (3840)
United States
January 12, 2007 4:33pm CST
I have been around a pc for along time. This site is the very 1st site I've come on where you can make money online. I was referred by a friend who said you can really make money. My thought was like yeah right? But, I joined and I find myself on here everyday sorta like a 2nd job, responding to people who need advice or help, or just need clarification on things. I also find that even with the rules people still post one two words. Overall, my question is have you experience other sites like this where you make money? Also, how do you like it and what do you do on the site?
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• Hyderabad, India
12 Jan 07
The ONLY way these people make any money is by selling their overpriced books and CD's ... You really don't even need one. If you can type, use your mouse
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
27 Apr 07
Mylot and Are the only two valid ways I been earning money from so far, Althought I am not earning alot through my cafepress store... I am trying... I am on a few affliate programs but I never earned anything through any of those yet... So I am not into recommending them until I do. So far Mylot has been my main internet earning... I have a little webadd space on the top of my DNatureofDTrain site, but my site does not get enough hits usually to earn anything through that yet... I would like to learn how to sell my arts and crafts, and make things on demand to sell to save up either to start my own small business, or to use that money towards transportation to and from a different job... If I can learn to earn well through the internet I would be willing to do so. I am testing mylot on a higher speed connection. I do not plan on living a very rich life, so maybe with mylot and my arts and crafts I can earn enough to make it on my own in life. I know mylot gives me home. I am coming off a no pay situation into finally having some cash. I plan to bank it, then pay taxes on it the following year, then put it towards my pets, and food, clothes, and saving up for my home... of course I am looking for other ways to earn and not just mylot. I am testing some real estate thing out, but so far I have not earned a cent through that. - DNatureofDTrain