Is your Signifigant Other Graceful or a BULL IN A CHINA SHOP????????

@AskAlly (3627)
January 12, 2007 5:35pm CST
I have definitly married a bull in a china shop. My husband is not very light on his feet and for some reason if something is going to get bumped, poked,dropped,scratched or broken...well lets just say he is in the general vicinity of most mishaps. What's your situation? Are you with some one graceful and fluid in movement? Or are you dealing with the "bull"
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• Ireland
12 Jan 07
That just about describes my husband. He has the television turned up so loud that I can hear it from the far end of the house, he plods down the stairs, when I am trying to go back to sleep, often at 5am in the morning, then he forgets something and plods right back up again. He makes a lot of noise by clattering his knife and fork on the dinner plate and I just dread letting him wash the dishes. I often tell him that he may possibly need a hearing aid.
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