£1m a week to play soccer

@totalguy (563)
January 12, 2007 5:39pm CST
i have a friend who reads news on the net often and apparently he said there was a news report saying David Beckham has signed a contract with an LA soccer team for 1 million pounds a week. i may be bias here as i have no interest in sport so please feel free to slate me if you wish. what would anyone do with a million a week? i mean you cant spend that much money in a week, not that he would but its just taking the michael the expression more money than sense comes to mind.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
12 Jan 07
if they are willing to pay Beckham so much towards the end of his career, good luck to him, i hope they feel they are getting value for money, i hope they carry on paying him. In his position i would be doing exactly the same making hay while the sun shines more money than sense indeed
@totalguy (563)
13 Jan 07
i can see your point actually its like saying "if you have got it flaunt it" i just cant understand why anyone would pay a person that much money a week its just madness i cant get my head round it but i guess your saying fair play to him he's got it he might as well flaunt it.