How can you tell if someones the right one for you?

@hasseyg (313)
January 12, 2007 7:44pm CST
What qualities should you look for?
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@kushal24 (200)
• India
13 Jan 07
well you have to feel it.deep inside you something tell you that you have to spend your life with him/her.only then you can decide that the person is right for you
@golgol (17)
• Sweden
13 Jan 07
To be able to recognize the right person for yourself you have to know yourself very well....that means that you have to know your needs, desires and also qiualities that you are looking for in a person and for a lifetime relationship..... Most of us finds out these things by dating and having several realtionship...and by failing in uor raletionships and get heartbroken we get more expeienced and learn so much more about ourself. The main thing is to analyse our past relationships and not just try to forget them. We have to analyse why we have failed, why it couldnt work between us, the main reasons...and try to stay away who have the same qualities that our Exes have... we should also set up a few main demands on choosing the people we date...The qualities that is a MUST for having a successfull realtionship... and by having this demands we dont go out with anyone that we find attractive....there is SO MUCH MORE than looks that matter in choosing your partner. This is a logical method for choosing and recognizing the right person, but for the rest you should just listen to your heart and if you feel security and happiness when you think of that person, than you know that this person is able to bring love into your life