Internet : A Den of Swindlers

January 12, 2007 9:29pm CST
The Internet these days is packed with swindlers. Their modus operandi is so alluring that any common viewer may be trapped into it. The offers, the promises of income, the guarantees, the discounts are so identical that it is well neigh impossible to make a distinction between a fake and a genuine site. Sometimes the claims are so stupid (like $ 5000.00 within 24 hours) that they are easy to reject at the outset. But there are others who just demand one or two odd dollars. If they want a work to be done on the internet, they can give it and pay later when the work is done. In any case they don't have to spend anything on heads like postage and packing. It seems that they have realised the awareness of the users and therefore they themselves have begun to admit that there are people who are teaching get-quick-rich methods to others but have themselves not earned a single dime. They offer some tools at a higher cost and then give a discount if the offer is accepted within a stipulated time. In the beginning everything seems to be free. The word 'FREE' is highlighted many times over. But as one reaches at the end of the horoscope like advertisement, one finds that they all are 'Birds with same feathers.' Will anyone please let me know if there are any sites giving the work really "FREE" and with an assured payment.
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