Do you think there is a difference between people that prefer cats to dogs?

January 12, 2007 9:34pm CST
Some people think that cat people are more sensitive as they have to work so much harder for the affection of their pets. While dogs love you just because you feed them?
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@suscan (1956)
• United States
14 Jan 07
I actually love them both. Most of the time we have both cats and dogs,right now we only have a cat.
@navinshan (3940)
• Canada
14 Jan 07
Yes there is a lot of differences among people who like cats and who like dogs, firstly there taste and liking would be different, secondly style of fashion would also be different, i personally feel cats have a selfish attitude and dogs re not selfish as cats but have gentle and caring attitude, anyway dogs and cats love notonly since there masters feed them but also they really by heart love their masters.
@kbkbooks (7030)
• Canada
14 Jan 07
Most definitely. I am married to a cat person and I am a dog person. I find not just from this but from other experience, people who like cats are mostly afraid of dogs. But people who like dogs just find cats really frikkin annoying and dirty and smelly.