FOOD : The biggest drug addiction of them all!!!

October 3, 2006 11:46am CST
the biggest drug addiction of them all!!! i believe that eating is a curse.. people talk about drugs and nicotine and booze but no one mentions the biggest curse of them all more ppl die every year becoz of obesity and heart attacks than those who die of cancer and drug over doses.. proof that food is an addiction is ample -- physical withdrawal symptoms like weakness and malaise and fatigue and hallucinations --craving for the food of our choice at all times. just like alcohol or other drugs --binge eating. -- man will do anything to obtain be it begging borrowing or stealing. yes i know most of u wud have raised ur eyebrows by now and are probably thinking why am i speaking gibberish.... food is essential but to an extent just as a littile morphine is essential for paina dn etc but the addiction is when we over eat and lose control on our minds when it comes to food i am a self confessed food addict. i cant live without food i mean i know i am not hungry and i know that i have enough calories but no force in the world can stop me from having just another pack of cookies or another piece of fried chicken.. it sounds ridiculous i know , to call food an addiction but i am helpless when it comes to food...i can do nothing and it takes me most of my mental reserve to force myself not to have that one last packet of chip s before i sleep... is what i am saying making sense to u guys or am i crazy.... harsha
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