1988 dodge truck - battery good - nothing happens

United States
January 12, 2007 11:06pm CST
nothing happens when ignition key turned. no lights, buzzers, radio.. acts as if the key switch is broken. is that the case or something else. fuses? there is power from the battery. checked with meter from + side of battery to truck chassis. ideas please. thanks.
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• Australia
13 Jan 07
Hiya theolduy :) Hope this helps you ... Check the back of the ignition switch the pigtail may be brocken, or a wire has fallen off, if this all seems secure check the main fuse if it has one... is it diesel or petrol ? if diesel, check the starter relay. Try that and see how you go... :)
• United States
13 Jan 07
howdy - I am not the best with auto's - on the 88 dodge truck, how do i get to the ignition switch? am i going to have to pull the steering column? is there somewhere on i'net that shows how to get to it. I do appreciate the help. -dave ;-0
• United States
2 Feb 07
finally found the problem. wire had seperated slightly very close to the pos post of the battery. no wonder wasnt getting power where it needed to go. truck runs fine. or did run fine. NOW there is a problem with carb? - truck will not run when cold, especially in cold weather. sigh. will mess with it when it warms up a bit. thanks for the suggestions. - theOLDguy
@budsr03 (2354)
• Canada
13 Jan 07
Try cleaning the battery cables to the battery posts. Good luck Theoldguy.