my weird relationship(?)..

January 13, 2007 12:03am CST
wanna get this out of my system.. this is a story of two relationship.. i'll start where i should.. there is this friend of mine to whom i got quite close emotionally after her father died.. i mean, i and this other friend were the only people who actually got to hear stuff from her.. we started hanging out a bit too much, and then it went up to a physical (i think that's where it fked up).. something has soured in there since then, and now i don't know how to tell her that we can't really happen, and we haven't met in some time now, so that's probably getting her quite worked up.. sh*tty on my part, but that's how it is.. there's an added complication to this, but that i'll speak of once i can try getting out of this mess.. thanks for listening
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@krishkorp (427)
• India
13 Jan 07
the best part if u want her back into your life is to go and talk frankly to her or else the longer you wait farther will be the distance between you two.It can also reach a point where u cant talk to her ( even if u want).So better hurry. If in case you are okay with her going far from you.Just leave it as it is. It's upto you what u want to do. Think and act faster ,else u may lose her.
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14 Jan 07
thanks man.. like i mentioned in the original post, there is yet another complication (ahh yes.. those don't seem to leave me).. the one friend that she has spoken to about me (how i don't talk to her, ignore her, etc.) has been trying to get very close to me.. knew she always had something for me, but never thought something like this would get it out.. ugh!!