third party - is it their fault?

@amaine (2037)
January 13, 2007 1:03am CST
i have known a lot of relationships falling apart because of a third party , , whose fault is it really? , , the third party? , , what do you think? , , i mean , , if that person knows that her guy has a girlfriend already , , then why would she continue a relationship with him? , , and about that guy , , he IS in a relationship , , and yet , , why did he flirt with another girl? , , whose fault is it? , , really? , , guy will probably say , , "i am just human, i have my own weakneses" , , yeah i know , , but , , what are you doing with her on the first place? , , third party would probably say "he kept on insisting himself on me" , , =S i am puzzled, , can you please give me your side? , ,
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• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
its both of thems fault. the male is don flirt with one or both of the girls n the third party is either flirting or she is in love with him tatz y she can't leave him but i can't say any thing i'm also confused... but i dun trust on any one of them
• China
26 Feb 07
Cheating whatever the form is, is stil wrong!! I had a relationship where I allowed my guy to flirt with someone but he must be careful that they will not be caught. I did that because guy likes that way and it's cool..You just have trust to that person. But the relationship didn't end with the way we planned it. We broke up and now he's happy. Sometimes understanding guys problems will help you why do they still flirt with someone. Satisfaction, contentment in a relationship..Maybe that's what they're looking for..
@shorva (923)
• Philippines
13 Jan 07
both cheaters are wrong,wrong wrong!!!no matter what their exucuses are, they are both wrong. i've said this a lot in discussions about cheating and i'll say it again---cheaters should all rot in hell.