Now a days MEDIA play a potive or negative role???

January 13, 2007 3:09am CST
i mean to say tht now a days media person are making many rumors... Wht u thk their role in life??? Is the image is going down?? my self .YEs
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@fakeid (1)
• India
13 Jan 07
uh uh ...the image is certainly going it would do if u u work for ur rtp's...and not for the sake of supplying news... media which was once showing news are making them up for some awrads at the concerts beingheld up in the modern era.... sure everybody likes to c sum new things and new topics being introduced into the media rather thanjust being politically right but getting into private life andvery well affecting them is one thing they should look forward to as saying NO........ media today isn't just news is about movies...cultural programmes...ppl dont c them too often but it is a part of media... ya media is affecting us in positive manner...ppl have learnt to stand up for themselves and others....see the jessica lal case.... but ya...movies depict crime scenes which work out to be great ideas for doing a crime.... pplhav started listening to the actors more than they do to their parents.... i would affects us in thewaywe allow it to... it depends on us how we see it...and not what it shows us