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An Ipod - This is an Ipod.
January 13, 2007 9:24am CST
What do you prefer using as a music player. DO you prefer using an ipod an mp3 a cellphone or a simple CD player. In my opinion an iPod is too expensive, you can find a 2GB MP3 for the same price as a 1 GB iPod. I do not understand how most of you people use an iPod, it is so very pricey. I mean i can get a flashdrive MP3 that won't break automaticaly if it falls unlike an iPod that has a harddrive, those break as soon as they fall to the ground. Along with this alot of people with iPods are always getting mobbed, the reason, it is so very easy to know who is the ones with the white earphones. Something i really don't like about them is the fact that you need a special earphone plug meaning you can only use Apple's equipment. Nothing else. on my MP3 i can use any type of earphones and along with I can buy them cheaper and of good quality. What do you prefer?
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• Italy
13 Jan 07
in my opinion the iphone is going to be the best ! it has a hardrive of 4 gb and 8 gb if i remember correctly ! You can do everything with it from listening to music, watching video clips to makin phone calls and taking pictures ! I can't wait for the release ! :P
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• Canada
13 Jan 07
Yea i've heard of the iphone but the problem here would probably be the amount of money in the use when or if you buy the iphone... Im probably going to guess the price, which is around 200+$
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