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January 13, 2007 2:18pm CST
***the dream*** i was sitting in a restaurant of some type, a fairly casual one, and it was a sunny afternoon. at my table were generic "dream friends," and the service was shi*ty. our waitress walks up and says to us, "i'm getting ready to go home, so you'd better get my tip ready soon." (she was blonde btw) i was pissed. i sat there, watching everyone else chip in for tips, and i remain commited to my initial reaction of "no-tip." so we were leaving, and as the waitress goes back to the table, she somehow (magically) knows that none of the money in that pile is of my contribution. so she turns around and starts walking towards me, like, 'you didn't tip, so you have to go bus your own table now.' to which i was like, "no." the next thing i know, i'm being interrogated by [police?] about the brutal beating down of a blonde waitress [last night?]. i of course had no recollection from after the waitress approaching me, but in the dream i started flashing back while i "remembered" what happened. i remember jumping at her and kicking the s*it out of her and a lot of hair pulling. i remember blood. i remember trying to gouge her eyes out. ~ASIDE: eye gouging is my preferred method of dream killing. if you didn't know, well, now you know. after the interrogation, i go to have lunch with my mom, of all people, in the same damn restaurant as before, of all places. i was drinking a malibu + pineapple. and i just kept saying, "i can't believe i did that." and our waitress was scared of me and i actually said, "oh, don't worry. you're good."
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13 Jan 07
Sounds like you have something to be guilty of, and it's coming out in your dream, or that you might have a tendancy to be a wife beater. Granted that this was a dream, but there might be something in your subconscience, that has you feeling this way. If, in real life, you don't like the service, then leave a penny. This is more insulting to a server, than not leaving a tip at all. And as far as I can remember, I have never had bad service, at any of the Hooter resteraunts that I have patronized.