Who's your favourite CCS character?

January 13, 2007 2:24pm CST
My personal favourite character from the anime Card Captor Sakura is Meilin -- because even though she loses the person she loves, she's prepared to let him go, and let him be with the one he loves -- it's partly thanks to her that there IS any Sakura and Syaoran, all because of her devotion to her friends and more importantly, her cousin.
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• Philippines
28 May 07
mine is yukito tsukishiro... because he resembles quite much my attitude.. quite, cheerful, sweet (???).. i like also kerochan.. and the mother of sakura.. she's so lovely...
• Philippines
28 May 07
oops.. that's quiet.. (before cheerful).. hehe..
@ezzrssi (11197)
• Italy
13 Jan 07
Melin is mine
13 Jan 07
Same here -- why's she your favourite? I think she's admirable for being so strong when she faced her unrequited love -- don't you? It really made me see her in a new light.
1 Jul 07
Hmmm... Mine would probably be Meilin too, because she's the one that grows the most during the series. She starts off as an annoying kid, hanging on to Syaoran's every word, but she develops into an amazingly kind-spirited person, who in the end allows Syaoran to be with Sakura because she puts his happiness first. She's also pretty intuitive, too, because she picks up on Syaoran's feelings in a matter of hours when she comes to visit.
• Portugal
10 Feb 07
My favourite character in Card Captor Sakura is Tomoyo and Sakura, for different reasons, and of course Syaoran... Syaoran because he during all series he suffers a major changing from an demanding kid who wanted the cards to himslef and his clan, because of power, to the little boy that suffers when his loved one is heart broken but never loses the little faith he have on Sakura. Although it breaks his heart talking to her about Yukito and seeing her crying like he did, he stays with her, he fights for her love and he sacrifice himself for her. Sakura because she is an unique character, there isn't anyone like her, whne she captures the cards she never do it for her sake, but always for the others, she safes Rika, and then Moyo, Miss Maki, every single one on the series was touched by little Miss Kinomoto although she is small, young, naive dense, she for the others does everything in her power. In fact she let her inflatuation for Yukito go by because of her brother, and she was worried on telling Syaoran her feelings because she was afraid that her answer might change his way towards her.... And I love Tomoyo because just like Meiling she let go of her love for Sakura, she helps Syaoran everytime she can so they can be happy together, and she doens't resent it, she only wants is for her cousin to be happy... She has so guts in her, she doesn't have magic or knows how to fight but she always went with them on their quest, and never got in the way... She was the only one what really was going on, she in fact suspect something of Eriol but didn't said anything...