No one needs a negative nancy

@anabaik (206)
January 13, 2007 3:53pm CST
Why can't i be in a fantastic mood all the time, everyday? i guess i could also ask why people have to be such retards. and feign concern. and ask questions when they clearly don't care about the answers. and be nice to your face while they talk about you behind your back. and take their problems out on you. your experiences shape you. i am the product of my shi*ty experiences. but i'm trying. old ladies don't make it any easier throwing money in my face and scoffing when i tell them to have a nice day. kids without IDs don't make it easy either when they call me a ticket nazi and a bit*h and tell me to fu*k off. i let it go. i don't care. i have to tell myself these displays are not indicative of their personalities, but rather of the situation. they have bad stress management. the old lady is on her way out, and as death creeps in ever closer, she needs to ignore the imminent. pass the time. watch a movie. if she can't use her giftcard today, how can she be sure she can ever use it at all? she may be gone by tomorrow! but now i understand. and the kids trying to see R rated movies without proper identification. they were probably trained to be spoiled brats and always get what they want. daddy bought me a car. daddy bought me a computer. if daddy says no, it just means i haven't asked him enough. well, i'm not your daddy! no means no, and by calling me a bit*h and a nazi you're not making me change my mind. but now i see.
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