Is yawning actually "contagious"?

United States
January 13, 2007 6:01pm CST
I know a smile is contagious. Do you think yawning is contagious too?
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
14 Jan 07
there are many theories of this in psychology at least. Here is my favourite. Yawning is a suvival mechanism, we instinctivly yawn when oxygen is scarse not just when we are tired. Therefore, if we see someone yawning we subconsciously feel threatened and yawn also. After a while it does indeed look as though it is contagious where, in reality, it is simply primeval instinct, a left over from a much earlier time. Good luck keep on posting
• United States
14 Jan 07
It's been studied to be a measure of how "in tune" or compassionate you are with somebody if you yawn when they do. I don't have much trouble with people in public but when my children yawn I can't help but do it too.
@mayammb (1818)
• Australia
14 Jan 07
yawning is contagious. In a classroom if one person starts yawning soon u will find another person yawning and then the next and so on. So i feel it is contagious.
@badkat83 (1621)
• United States
14 Jan 07
I think it is. Funny how when someone does it you do it too. Maybe it is some kind of reflex.