Should a man still have to pay child support if child drops out of school at 16?

United States
@lynninky (491)
January 13, 2007 7:01pm CST
I just want to know how everyone feels about this matter. If the mother lets child drop out of school should either of them still get the child support? I think NO. Education for your child is something all parents should fight for. I would not support one living in my house if they dropped out.If they do not go to school they would work and make own money.Well my child would not be able to work if he dropped out, not until he healed at least. I was reading on another site. This guy was so upset. His dauther had dropped out of school he tried to make her go back.She then is 16 so she went to court got her last name changed to her stepfathers and would not have anything to do with her dad.Then he got a letter in the mail that his ex was taking him back to court for more support because the girl was staying at home eating more now.It is all a bunch of bull..You know I wonder how many men would sue ex wife for support if they could just have their child with them.I know some would because wife left them but what about the ones that just love the kids? What do you think people?