Why Are People Allowed On Wordpress.com To Post Blogs In Other Languages?

United States
January 13, 2007 7:35pm CST
This bothers me. These blogs were created in the U.S. for English-speakers. I logged into my wordpress blog tonight and saw blogs that were posted in Middle Eastern languages and Portugese. The one in Portugese was making fun of how stupid Americans are. I couldn't read the text, but there was a YouTube video up there making fun of Americans who were being interviewed on the street by a reporter. I highly resent this and I can't believe wordpress allows this. The name of the blog is "Americans Are Stupid", which they conveniently posted in English.
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@thejoot (70)
14 Jan 07
While I agree that that site is stupid and should be deleted, limiting the use of Wordpress to one country and one language is also pretty ridiculous
• United States
14 Jan 07
Isn't the rule on this site that you have to post in English? I don't think that's ridiculous at all, especially if the site was created for English speakers in the first place.
• Malaysia
19 Jan 07
I think everybody can use it with their language.