Weight Loss Surgery

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January 13, 2007 9:24pm CST
I have tried several diets and nothing seems to work. I have debated getting either a lap band or gastric bypass. What do you know about either one? Any suggestions on sites I can look at. I would love to hear your good and bad stories.
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14 Jan 07
Both my mother and my sister had the gastric bypass done and both gained it back. My mother still eats like a bird but for some strange reason some medications she takes makes her keep the weight on. I don't recommend these at all. I would recommend for you to go to a health food store and get Hoodia. But make sure it's 100% Hoodia (some are not 100%). It will make you feel fuller when you eat and it's a natural cactus. I think you can still find the information on the 60 min. website. I've met several who have used it and lost the weight. I wish you the best of luck hon. :-)
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@xkaraix (596)
• Australia
14 Jan 07
I haven't heard all that much but I remember reading that because you'll lose weight so drastically there is a chance you'll end up with flabby skin around your stomach. The woman from the story had like a fold of skin after using a lap band.
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